Thursday, September 15, 2011

Kwik Trip Update

There are lots of rumors flying around about the new Kwik Trip stores in Waupaca…

The Kwik Trip Store being built on the corner of Hwy QQ and Hwy 54/Fulton St is nearing completion with an opening planned for around the 20th of next month.

Kwik Trip met with the City of Waupaca Planning Commission last night to discuss their plans for building a second new store across the street from the exiting Kwik Trip Store in downtown Waupaca, on Fulton St. The planning commission approved all the various motions necessary to move this project ahead. City council will take up the matter at next week’s meeting. There are still some contingencies to be worked out however, the project seems to be moving ahead with a closing on the needed properties by yearend and construction of the new building starting in the spring for 2012. The new downtown store will be the same size as the one currently being built on the west side of the City. Franklin St., between the current Cas Liquor building and the Mane Event property will remain open.

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