Thursday, July 5, 2012

Chain Fireworks Friday Night - Round Lake

Round Lake - Waupaca Chain O' Lakes firework are Friday night... Pictures from last year's display

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Waupaca Chain O’ Lakes Property Sales Continue to Surge

The 10th property sale on the Waupaca Chain O' Lakes happened recently on Otter Lake. By comparison there were 8 property sales on the Waupaca Chain Last year.

This 2,456 Sq Ft home on .65 acres has 100 feet of frontage on Otter Lake and was most recently listed for $788,000.

Initially listed at the start of 2012, the property had a recent fair market property tax value of $510,000.

For a complete list of all Waupaca Chain O' Lakes homes for sale please visit" target="_blank">

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

9th Waupaca Chain O' Lakes Property Sale This Year

With lots of warm weather to go, real estate sales on the Waupaca Chain O' Lakes are hot – hot – hot.  And, this could prove to be a good year to be a waterfront seller!

A duplex on Otter Drive, on Otter Lake, has just closed.

The duplex has a total of 1,950 Sq Ft and 4 bedrooms - located on a large 1.3 acre parcel with 260 feet of water frontage.  Originally listed at $445,000 in May of 2011 the property was last priced at $349,000.
There has now been more real estate closing on the Waupaca Chain this year – so far – than all of 2011.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lots of Neat Wooden Boats - Mark Your Calendar

I attend every year as there are lots of really cool boats at the event.  Barry does a great job running the "show"!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Big Fish on Round Lake Waupaca Chain O' Lakes

These pictures are from last year, but several people have seen a sturgeon in Miner Lake this year.

Wheel House Barman extraordinaire, and famed local sportsman, Brandon McPeak was fishing on McCrossen and Round Lakes when his fish finder marked a very big fish towards shore. When he spotted it in the shallow waters, on the West end of Brown’s Point, Brandon dropped his pole and pulled out the camera phone.

All the stars lined up for Brandon on this mid May day: he saw a big Sturgeon on the Waupaca Chain O' Lakes (which is no small feat), he got his camera out before it slipped into the deep water, the 8 foot monster was swimming over some nice light colored sand for the best picture possible and, according to Brandon – the sun was over his shoulder so, as he started snapping pictures he could not view the images on his screen.

Good job Brandon, documenting a “big fish” story! Tim Koll would be proud of you!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Miner Lake - Properties Continue to Sell on the Waupaca Chain O' Lakes

The 8th property sale on the Waupaca Chain O’ Lakes this year happened on Miner Lake recently.

This new construction, 4 bedroom, 3,880 Sq Ft home was most recently listed for $870,000 and was initially listed for $895,000 in September of 2011.
The lot has 85 feet of waterfront while the property’s tax bill Fair Market Value was $705,000 at the time of the sale.

This is the fifth property to sell on Miner Lake in about the past one year.